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Cautionary Tales: Dedicated Thrifter Has Bedbugs

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Some of Cheap Jap's recent thrift store finds

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Tireless thrift shopper and blogger Cheap Jap has just discovered one of the major risks of used-clothing shopping: bedbugs. Her apartment is infested. She's got a remarkably upbeat attitude about the situation, though:

This incident might have freaked me out, but it’s not going to stop me from shopping in the most fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way I know, and it shouldn’t stop you either. Bugs are icky, but paying full retail price for new stuff is even ickier. And as long as we learn from my mistakes and take the necessary precautions in the future, we can avoid both kinds of ickiness altogether, methinks.
Click through for the entire post, which is full of good advice for shoppers who love to hit the resale shops. One tip: buy a steamer.
· Don’t Let the Used Clothing Bite (a Cautionary Tale of the Risks of Shopping Thrift) [Cheap Jap]