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Will Brüno Producers Cut the Michael Jackson Scene?

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Brüno at yesterday's LA premiere.  Image via <a href="">Guest of a Guest</a>
Brüno at yesterday's LA premiere. Image via Guest of a Guest

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Michael Jackson's death poses a real dilemma for the producers of Brüno, in which Sacha Baron Cohen harasses LaToya Jackson about her brother. The movie's already offended everyone from gay activists to actual Austrian TV stars ("The whole Nazi stuff—I don’t like it at all," says "real life Brüno" Alfons Haider), but it was never supposed to mock the recently deceased. Plus, if nothing else, Michael Jackson jokes seem just don't seem all that funny right now.

Since the news of Jackson's death hit last night, media outlets have been speculating about whether the scene would be cut when Brüno goes into wide release. Producers did nix it from last night's premiere, but there's no official word on whether it will stay out. The film hits theaters only two weeks from today, so it would be a very expensive—but probably necessary—last-minute change.
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