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Project Runway's Leanne Marshall Unhappy with Bluefly?

Sketches of Leanne Marshall's Bluefly line via Flypaper

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When Leanne Marshall won Project Runway last year, part of her prize was the chance to design a collection for online retailer Bluefly, at the time a major sponsor of the show. Since then, we haven't heard too much from Leanne, who we assume is very busy hunched over a sewing machine in a studio somewhere. Though maybe she's been silent because she's unhappy with the arrangement. Last night, in a post on her personal blog titled "Venting", she wrote:

To any young designer, or any person running their own business, make ABSOLUTE certain of one thing: At the end, know EXACTLY how much you will be paid in the deal. Never assume. Never estimate. And don't be afraid to say NO early in the beginning. Don't be afraid of making others unhappy. When it gets too late, you will lose either way, even if you decide to pull the plug on the deal.
Leanne doesn't name names, but all signs point to Bluefly as the cause of her distress. Hopefully the collection, which will be made from eco-friendly materials, will still be produced; for now, you can purchase Leanne's work on her Etsy page.
UPDATE: We were just invited by Bluefly to preview the line, so thankfully it's still a go.
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