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Hangover Observations: Everything Duckie at Scoop's Florsheim Launch

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Last night, the Scoop men's store in the Meatpacking District threw a party for the new collection of men's shoes from color-happy menswear label Duckie Brown and old-school footwear company Florsheim. Until August 1st, the shoes are only available at LA boutique Confederacy, but guests at yesterday's party got a jump—a scoop, if you will—on the shopping action for one night only. Our observations:

1.) The signature drink at the LA debut party: Lemon drop martinis. In NYC: Pabst Blue Ribbon. What this says about each city, we do not know.

2.) The shoes are awesome and surprisingly versatile given the insanity of the color palette. Florsheim's traditional styles help ground Duckie's cobalt blues and lemon yellows, and everything comes in a range of colors, so if you love a perforated wingtip but can't handle it in teal, you can always buy the same shoe in a more businesslike gray. And the prices, which range from $175 for loafers to $525 for brogue boots, aren't totally out of reach.

3.) We are fairly certain we spotted John Bartlett wandering around. Other than that, the only fashion luminaries we saw were the Duckies, Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, who were very graciously chatting with everyone.

4.) In our gift bag, we found "molding texturing paste" from Tommy Guns, the newish Lower East Side hair salon. It smells delicious—less like a PBR, more like a lemon drop martini.
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