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In the Window: Tiffany Blings Out For Coral Conservation

Photos via Joe Schildhorn/Treehugger

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Everyone knows that Tiffany & Co contains the fulfillment of those secretly dreaming about engagement rings with giant diamonds, watches to brag about, and pearl strands to loop continuously. But anyone hoping for a coral necklace is out of luck, as Tiffany had supported the ban on coral jewelry since 2002.

In an effort to raise awareness of the need to conserve the world's reefs and also draw attention to their involvement with the "Too Precious To Wear" campaign, Tiffany is dedicating their Fifth Avenue windows to underwater scenes.

Treehugger quotes Tiffany:

Each window offers a different view—and a different hue—of the ocean floor. The topography of hills and valleys is shaped by glittering sand and bathed in deep blue, pristine white, lavender or turquoise. Gossamer fabric forms waves of color and bubbles swirl around vibrant coral shapes sculpted in resin.
On display throughout the summer, the windows will tempt with everything but coral, and we hope other jewelers follow their major example.
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