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Did We Mention Hollister's Hiring?

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A former Abercrombie employee talks to Jezebel about the chain's hiring practices in the wake of accusations that a British store forced a disabled employee to work in the stock room rather than on the sales floor. "There is a 'style guide' that hiring managers get to see," says their mole. "It contains almost no text - just a few dozen pages, each with a full-sized color photograph of different ethnicities - a male and a female for each. They are supposed to serve as examples of the kind of people you should hire. Presumably so the managers will know what good-looking minorities look like. They're amongst the confidential files that are never meant to leave the office, but I'm surprised none have ever surfaced. (And all of the minorities, by the way, are as white looking as a person can be without actually being Caucasian)." Intriguing! If anyone has a copy of this lying around, do send it our way. [Jezebel; Previously]