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Above The Fray: Good Deals but Small Selection at the Brian Reyes Sale

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We were excited for the Brian Reyes sale in Hudson Square, considering he doesn't hold them that often, but after visiting, we wish there had been more of a selection. Camis and slips are $25 and under, tops and pants are $100, and short dresses are $200. We found both wintery wines and navies and more seasonal pastels, but there are only a few pieces of each style, in sizes on the smaller side of the spectrum. Tashkent pumps and wedges go for $50—keep in mind that they're real samples, with worn bottoms. When we stopped by yesterday afternoon, there were only a few people browsing the few racks, all largely ignored by the sales staff. It's definitely worth a trip if you love Brian Reyes, but overall, we didn't feel as though it was a "can't miss" sale.—Daniella Lavian
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