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Launches & Releases: A Look at CDG's BLACK Line

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As it turns out, Comme des Garcons' BLACK line isn't limited to CDG boutiques and a pop-up corner at Barneys. Trendy Paris shop Colette has many of the pieces up for sale online.

There's no doubt that the Chelsea BLACK store has more selection than shown here, but at least the Colette site can serve as a preview. Above, we've picked our favorite items, or the ones that most represent designer Rei Kawakubo's classics. Technically, if it's a BLACK item, it's already a classic, but nothing says Rei more than pants with half a skirt attached.

Keep in mind that Euro prices on the Colette site aren't necessarily converted to dollars in the NY store; we didn't feel the jackets were as expensive as they are listed here online. The Colette shop is only around for two weeks, so enjoy the online shopping while you can.
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