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Now Open: Haus Interior Brings it Home on Elizabeth

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Nolita's lost some key retail recently (Staerk, Alice+Olivia), but it just gained an enticing shoe store in Katherine Amberleigh, and today it picked up another welcome addition: Home design shop Haus Interior. Owner Nina Freudenberger was looking for office space for her decorating business when she found the storefront, a long, narrow drink of water on Elizabeth Street, and decided that it might make sense to add a retail element. There's a design firm in back, but the front is lined with glass shelves bearing plates, glassware, cutlery, and art, all labeled with helpful, slightly opinionated tags (e.g. "Old-fashioned glass straws. Strangely functional.")

Haus targets young shoppers who don't have a ton of money and don't necessarily have the time for DIY projects, but still appreciate good design. As Freudenberger puts it, "How much time can you spend staring at the Crate & Barrel website?" To that end, everything's reasonably priced, including the consulting services, which start at $200. The store even has a wallpaper and upholstery bar where you can flip through binders of sample patterns—for a design junkie, maybe the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
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