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Today in Celebrity Headgear Contests

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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is really, really good at wearing hats. Not only is she better at it than you are (sorry), but she's better at it than the Queen of England herself. This information comes to us via the Celebrity Hat Wearers list, released each year as a promotional stunt by the British hat-making town of Luton. While the French First Lady tops the list of women (beating out not only the Queen but also Madonna), Hugh Jackman trounces all the male competition. Says a milliner involved in the judging, "Hugh Jackman's outback hat, worn in the film Australia, not only achieved instant fame on the big screen but also popularised the look for men's casual wear generally. Mr Jackman has also been seen sporting some stylish trilby and pork pie hats off screen." [Telegraph]