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iPhrenzy: Few Wake Up Early for the iPhone 3G S

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This morning, people have gathered in Midtown with one common goal: to pick up Apple's new iPhone 3G S. A Racked correspondent is on the scene; follow along as the madness unfolds.

7:05am: "I'm here! They haven't let anyone in yet. Cheers keep coming from inside the store."

7:11am: "They have barricades set up that wind around the Plaza outside the cube and go down to FAO Schwarz, but they're only half-full."

7:17am: "People in the front of the line right now have been waiting three hours."

7:22am: "No free food or drinks this time. Just a guy dressed up as an iPhone from an electronics recycling website. And a ton of TV people with cameras."

7:24am: "They're letting in 20 people at a time. Every time someone buys an iPhone, the staff applauds and cheers."

7:25am: "Some guy just came out and was waving his iPhone around for a scrum of reporters waiting to interview him. Fun."

7:27am: "Aside from Mr. iPhone, there are people carrying giant red arrows for Their slogan: 'unlimited ringtones, unlimited fun.' The cameramen seem to be ignoring them."

7:28am: "The line is moving fast. I'm watching it get shorter and shorter."

7:29am: "I'd estimate there's under a hundred people left waiting to get in. In 20 minutes, there probably won't be a line to get in."

7:30am: "And, the iPhrenzy is pretty much over uptown."
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