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iPhrenzy: Starbucks Saves the Day in Soho

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This morning at 7am, Apple unleashed its newest phone, the iPhone 3G S, upon the world. We checked out the scene in Midtown and the Meatpacking District, now we're on-site in Soho.

8:40am: "This is the line to wait in. Starbucks has arrived and they're handing out free snacks (like banana bread) and coffee."

8:44am: "I'd say the crowds here are a bit smaller than in Meatpacking. Probably 160 people."

8:50am: "Folks at the front of the pre-order line have been waiting 40 minutes; those at the head of the regular old line have been standing around for an hour and a half. If you pre-ordered, this seems like the place to go: get free coffee and a snack while you wait."
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