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iPhrenzy: Patience, Sunblock Rule MePa iPhone Line

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This morning at 7am, Apple unleashed its newest phone, the iPhone 3G S, upon the world. We checked out the scene in Midtown, now we're back on-site in the Meatpacking District.

It's due time for a second swing-around over in the Meatpacking District as the lunchtime crowd thins and the early leavers of work arrive to Apple to score a coveted iPhone 3G S before the weekend.

Even though you wouldn't believe it from the weather we've had this week, the sun showed for a brief moment earlier, and the clouds are thin enough to cause line waiters to break out the sunblock. We don't blame them either; getting a sunburn on your face and explaining that it's the fault of the iPhone line is not something you want to shout from the mountaintops.

If you're planning on cutting out early as well, the MePa store seems a pretty great option considering the queue right now is averaging a wait of 45 minutes to an hour. And you know, Chelsea Market is around the corner, the better for you to munch in line. But, if you've got a big showing-off-the-new-iphone dinner planned with family and friends, we understand starving for the cause.
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