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iPhrenzy: Teensy Line Persists in Soho

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This morning at 7am, Apple unleashed its newest phone, the iPhone 3G S, upon the world. We just did a Meatpacking District spot check; now, on to Apple Soho.

[Behind that old hippie people are waiting to buy iPhones]

The line may look short, but appearances are deceiving: the security man at the front door of the Soho Apple store told Racked the wait was two hours to enter to buy an iPhone. When we phoned to confirm, another staffer wouldn't give us an estimate, instead stating that the line is "always fluctuating" and is currently "not ridiculous." That's somewhat reassuring. Word is that Apple Soho will not sell out of the gadget today, so if you don't mind waits of indeterminate time and gawking tourists, head on over.

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