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Above the Fray: Price Embellishments at Malandrino

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Image via Sample Sally

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The sample sale reviews just keep coming. Hot on the heels of tips about Abaeté and Rag & Bone comes a detailed analysis of the Catherine Malandrino sale currently taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. The sale ends at 8pm tonight, but it sounds like you might not need to rush right over.

As of closing time last night, there were still plenty of dresses in all sizes. The dressing room was reminiscent of DVF, with staffers directing shoppers to racks and mirrors, but without the petite lady yelling, "Ladies, if you've been here for two hours, get out. I know who you are." The sale was spacious and organized, but Savvy will not be restocking today, according to the cashier.
The only negative I have to report is the pricing structure. "Embellished" dresses were $175 (before the final day price cut) while all other dresses were $125. When I went to pay for a dress with no beading, embroidery, or otherwise traditional embellishment, I was told that it was $175 because it had smocking. I know that smocking takes time, but so do button holes, hems, and zippers. Are those also embellishments? When I questioned the cashier further about it, she admitted that most of the dresses were considered embellished. Just keep that in mind if a $50 difference will break your budget.
As for the D&G sale, there is still plenty of inventory. I spent most of my time in the men's section helping a friend find a surprisingly tasteful tux, but that required a fair amount of pushing past items that even Colin Farrell would not have worn when he still had a career. Women's bags, shoes, and belts are not worth the time. A number of the belts were overpriced and damaged, the shoes were unimpressive, and the bags appeared to have been made in the same sweatshop as the freebies VIctoria's Secret hands out with purchases at Christmas. On the plus side, the staff was very helpful.
That is a plus!
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