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Above the Fray: Diptyque Is Being Raided By Candle-Loving Hordes

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Outside the Diptyque sale on 26th and Fifth, all is quiet, but according to an upper-level Racked informant, the inside is what we like to call a shitshow. We quote: "Somebody shoved me in the lobby!" Plundering has already left the selection thin, especially with the colored glass candles, which at $35 are the biggest draw. There are, however, plenty of $45 mini candle gift boxes, plus some $25 clear glass candles (all with odd scents, sadly) and $10 burning essence kits. Room sprays run $25, or two small ones for $15, and bottles of eau de toilette go for between $25 and $40, depending on size.

Everything they have in stock is out on the tables, and they don't plan to replenish it, which means the sale will end whenever they sell out—quite possibly by this afternoon. At the moment, the room is ringed with a massive line of ladies waiting to pay, all clutching boxes filled with candles. Diptyque fans: They don't mess around.
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