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iPhrenzy: And So The iPhone Lines Begin, Again

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That fellow in the middle sure looks happy. Photo via Engadget

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Tomorrow morning, at the ungodly hour of 7am, Apple stores 'round the nation will open their doors to shoppers eager for the brand new iPhone 3G S. Drizzly, miserable weather or no, Apple fanatics are already lining up outside the Fifth Avenue cube. Engadget reports that the first few brave souls are "four friends from The iLife blog keeping each other company, with plans to upgrade one of the crew's original iPhones (for that attractive full subsidy price)." They've already been there for more than five hours. And it is supposed to rain all night. Why are they doing this? For "the experience". If you want to live vicariously through these men (and why wouldn't you?), they are liveblogging the wait.
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