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Soho's Escada Sport Shows No Signs Of Improvement

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Amidst all the bounty of new Broadway arrivals Topshop and Desigual, there sits a solo and sullen space between the two. It's the old Ann Taylor Loft, destined to become the first Escada Sport store in the United States, despite the prevalence of the brand in stores like Dillards and Neiman Marcus.

We checked in on the place, as it's been over two months since they supposedly commenced construction, and yet there are no signs of improvement. That is, unless they are going for the old Ann Taylor store look.

With fall fast approaching, they better get themselves into gear; presenting a luxury brand is never easy when it comes to interior renovation, and they've got the added pressure of being on Broadway in Soho. We're watching you, Escada Sport, even though we wish you were something less staid.
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