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Pop-Up Shops: John Bartlett's West Village Store Morphs Into Claiborne

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Liz Claiborne, apparently no longer content with simply owning teen-friendly Juicy Couture, has been reaching out to a younger audience lately. Earlier this year, the label released a collection of sunny, adorable pieces by Isaac Mizrahi, and now, John Bartlett is collaborating on their menswear line, Claiborne. According to the manifesto on its website, Claiborne by John Bartlett is "authentic American style for the authentic American man"—unfussy, logo-free basics, in other words. Tomorrow, the whole collection touches down at the John Bartlett store in the West Village for a pop-up shop tied to Father's Day. Prices are fairly reasonable (plaid shorts are $55, polos are $39.50, a chinz suit coat is $188), so if you're short a gift, it seems like a safe bet.
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