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RackedWire: Abaeté Auctions Off Rihanna's Bathing Tux; "World's Best Shirts" On Sale

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SOHO—"A few sample sales ago, an editor complained to me that sample sales aren't really sample sales anymore, and she can never find the great one of a kind pieces that go down the runway," write the good people at Abaeté. "So, having recently moved, and in the vein of Spring cleaning, we have decided to have a TRUE sample sale and sell our entire Abaeté archive... a wonderfully reminiscent process." The sale kicks off with a silent auction starring 25 pieces worn by celebrities, including the dress Rachel Bilson wore to the premiere of Awake (OK, we didn't see it either, but she looks cute, no?) and the tuxedo one-piece Rihanna wore in the "Umbrella" video. The event takes place this Wednesday, June 17 at 6pm at 117 Crosby Street; to attend, send an email to

MIDTOWN EAST—Writes a very excited tipster, "The BEST shirts in the world are finally on sale!" Those would be the German brand Van Laack, which only gets marked down twice a year. Stop by the Van Laack store at 340 Madison Avenue (across the street from Grand Central) for crisply tailored tops at 30% off. [Racked Inbox]