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Above the Fray: MINT Jodi Arnold Makes a Good Case for Pop-Up Shops

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Image via <a href="">Sample Sally</a>
Image via Sample Sally

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This morning Style File pointed out that pop-up shops these days are often just glorified sample sales, which is part of the reason the trend is jumping the shark. The MINT Jodi Arnold pop-up shop at 285 Lafayette in Soho provides a pretty convincing counterargument that goes something like this: What's wrong with a glorified sample sale?

Blog Sample Sally stopped by the shop last night and found a big, high-ceilinged space lined with spring and summer merchandise at 60% off. "Designer Jodi Arnold was on hand to help shoppers sort through her stuff," they write—definitely a nice perk, though we're not sure she'll be back. They've also posted a dozen photos of the colorful, embellished dresses and tops they found at the sale, so you can take a quick tour before heading over.
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