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Union Square's Virgin Megastore Still Hanging On

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Image via <a href="">rockinfree</a>/Flickr
Image via rockinfree/Flickr

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The Virgin Megastore in Union Square has been holding closing sales since the end of April, and there's been fervid speculation about what will replace it (Wal-Mart? Tommy Hilfiger? Nordstrom's Rack brand?). Still, despite these obvious death throes, the store's not done yet. Writes a tipster:

Today I was there and everything is now 70% off. There is still a large selection of merchandise, although it is unlikely you can go in with a list and hope to find specific items that you may have been wanting. For example, they used to have the entire Bob Dylan catalogue and now it is reduced to his most recent greatest hits CD. At 70% off, however, buying a few unexpected DVDs or CDs can be fun if you can spare some cash. There is also a dwindling selection of books, lots of games, plus some "fashion" (nothing to get excited about).
The store is supposed to close on Saturday, although this seems unlikely if they are truly trying to sell everything to the public. There seems to be so much stuff left! Who knows? I think the merchandise has moved slower than they expected—perhaps with the closing of the Times Square location and Circuit City (and Linens n Things et al), people have become blasé to these drawn-out liquidation sales.
Blasé, or just downright distrustful—after all, when this particular Virgin Megastore started its closing sales, they actually marked everything up.

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