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Luxury Pokemon: Murakami's New Louis Vuitton Animation Debuts

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Remember back in 2003, when it seemed like the world of Louis Vuitton was coated in a sugary sheen thanks to their partnership with Japanese illustrator Takashi Murakami? The cherry blossom bags especially; they hung on the crooked elbow of every 16-year-old girl with high school graduation money from here to Topeka, Kansas.

To celebrate that launch, Takashi released a rather boring short film, "Superflat Monogram," featuring a little anime girl protagonist who falls through a world of Vuitton patterns, chasing a lost cell phone.

Now that the collaboration is six years old, he's released another film, called "Superflat First Love" which depicts the girl, now older, being transported back to the magic world. All because she can't keep her hands off of some ratty panda thing hanging outside of an LV store, which makes quick work of devouring her.

In fact, she is sucked through some sort of freaky monogram vortex and deposited into the 1897 workroom of 14-year-old Gaston Louis Vuitton. We won't spoil the ending for you, but suffice it to say that it's cutesy enough to sell some more products.
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