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Goodwill Rebrands Itself as a Designer Re-Sale Spot

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Yesterday, as it's done every few months since the recession began, the Times pointed a spotlight on Goodwill. This time, they focused on Goodwill's attempts to promote itself as a home for low-priced designer resale, starting at their location on West 25th Street. While Goodwill's prime spot in the pantheon of thrift stores isn't exactly news, we were surprised that the article mentioned a Marc Jacobs dress—something we've never been able to find at the 25th Street shop. But the Times makes it sound like Goodwill is really gunning for the high-end:

Across the country, Goodwill is competing for shoppers with a keener eye and sometimes deeper pockets. A few stores are adjusting prices accordingly. The many who think of the brand as a graveyard for no-name castoffs would be surprised — or dismayed — to find a Prada bag marked at $200 and climbing at auction on a Goodwill Web site, or a Pucci shirt for $800.

Testing this statement, Flavorpill's blog poked around the Goodwill website for designer treasures. They eventually dug up a $13.99 Vera Wang dress, a mannish pair of $51 Chanel boots (in Nebraska!), and a $5 mink stole with the head still attached (pictured), reassuring us that while the thrift chain might get fancier, the selection will definitely remain eclectic.
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