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Lineblogging: NYPD Called to Nutso Tory Burch Sale

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Women waiting to enter the Tory Burch sale in Midtown. Photo via Sample Sally

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According to eyewitness reports, and a post by blog Sample Sally, yesterday's Tory Burch sale opening was a complete shitshow. The wait to enter was at least two hours, and once inside, there was apparently another wait to try things on before shoppers had to stand in line to pay. And when a few scofflaws tried to cut the line, Tory Burch fans became very peeved:

Tempers flared and the situation got ugly so sale organizers had to call the police to restore order. Those women should have known they couldn’t get away with cutting the line when you’re dealing with an angry mob of single-minded shoppers who had spent their Sunday for a chance at getting their hands on an item with the Tory Burch label.
They're restocking, and the sale runs through Friday, so don't panic if you are still trying to complete your summer Hamptons wardobe. There are plenty of be-logoed flats and dresses to go around, ladies.
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