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Tim Gunn Professes His Love for Libraries

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Even though he hosts a popular TV show, Tim Gunn has always seemed to us like a quiet, bookish type. So it comes as no surprise that he considers the New York Public Library one of his favorite destinations "in the world". He's not alone in his adoration: recently, library use has skyrocketed, thanks mostly to the stumbling economy. That doesn't mean that they're safe from budget cuts, though—Mayor Bloomberg has just proposed a 22% cut for library funding. So Tim is taking to the net with a public service notice about the NYPL taped with library chief of art & information services Clayton Kirkin. The video focuses on the "library's hidden fashion gems". At one point early on in the clip, Tim mentions that the last time he visited, Clayton had "led him down into the subterranean stacks." For a tour! Get your mind out of the gutter.
· Meet Project Runway's Tim Gunn [YouTube/New York Public Library via Twitter/NewYorkology]