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DVF Sale Preview Becomes Free-For-All

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Although today is supposedly the day for those "on the list" to have a go at the warehouse selection of Diane von Furstenberg on sale at 260 Fifth Avenue, the floor is as mobbed as usual with women grabbing and hangers catching.

Prices are the same as in previous sales: $150 for wraps and special dresses, $125 for the less-cute dresses, and $50 for samples and damages, some run-of-the-mill sun hats. The allure of the sale lies in finding those vintage DVF wrap pieces, of which we found only 2 dress patterns and a few tops.

Nonetheless, for DVF fans, this semi-annual sale is the big blowout worthy of clearing your credit card and doing bicep curls in preparation for hauling armloads of frocks from the last few seasons. Veterans will notice the occasional pieces from sales past, and will be totally unsurprised by the ever-jarring yelling and frantic energy of the communal fitting room?once you get in there, that is, since the wait is ridiculously long.

Tomorrow at 9am begins the official sale which runs through Saturday, guaranteeing another five full days of mayhem and sample sale regret on Fifth Avenue. While we've been to enough of these now to be sufficiently jaded and picky about the items, we can say that aside from the horrible hats, blah beachwear and boxes of knitwear, the sale's sea of dresses is worth digging through for hidden treasure. Wait for the first discount, however, as that's bound to happen within the next 48 hours.
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