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RackedWire: An Unlikely Trio of Celebs at Soho's J.Crew Men's; JC Penny Gets Snippy in Midtown

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SOHO—When we bring up the J.Crew Men's Store, which three celebrities spring to mind? If you said Harvey Weinstein, Steve Buscemi, and Matthew Modine, then congratulations: You've correctly predicted the celeb guest list at tonight's opening event at the new Soho shop. Weinstein's hosting a reading by Buscemi and Tom Folson, author of the new Mafia chronicle The Mad Ones. Modine doesn't seem to be performing, but maybe he can just stand around and look J.Crewy. [RackedWire]

HERALD SQUARE—Writes a tipster: "Interesting sign for J.C. Penney in the Manhattan Mall windows on the south side of the mall went up this week—something about how the real miracle is on 33rd Street." Oh snap! Macy's, are you just going to take that? [RackedWire]


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