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Joseph Abboud, JCPenney Bogart W 4th St Courts

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JCPenney is planning an event for their new Joseph Abboud line JOE Joseph Abboud (slated to hit stores September 2009) that will most likely piss off the people who play basketball in the West 4th Street courts. Washington Square Park Blog reports that at a recent parks committee meeting, four women who "didn’t look like the regular Washington Square Park folks" told the crowd that they had been given permission by the Parks Department to take over the courts Monday, May 18th for an editor's event celebrating the collection.

Washington Square Park Blog is not happy that a corporation is taking over public space for a private event, and hopes that someone from the parks department puts up signs warning players. The one-day takeover cost was $17,000.
· The Selling Off of our Public Space by the NYC Parks Department — Private Fashion Event To Take Over West 4th Street Ball Courts; Parks Dept. Bypasses Community Board Approval [Washington Square Park]