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Video: Brooklyn Bloggers Take One Last Stand Against the Atlantic Avenue Target

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FIPS Undercover IV: Target = Sux (Brooklyn, NY) from Effed in Park Slope on Vimeo.

Remember blog Fucked in Park Slope's campaign against the Atlantic Avenue Target? They've finally come out with the fourth in their four-part video series about the many failings of that particular branch. The film isn't exactly hard-hitting investigative journalism—first they have trouble getting to talk to a manager, and then the manager refuses to be filmed—but we do like the passion of the petition that they published alongside it.

Here's the thing, Target: I LOVE your asses. I have been to Target stores in California, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut and other parts of New York. On every single one of these occasions I have encountered friendly staff members, shelves busting with stock, reasonable check-out lines and clean aisles. I LOVE that you guys are forward thinking and work with all sorts of cool up-and-coming designers. I LOVE that you used a Sam Prekop song in one of your commercials. And I LOVE that you guys give a ton of money to great charities and support awesome community and cultural organizations (like the First Saturday series at the Brooklyn Museum of Art). Mostly, you guys fucking RULE. Target is seriously one of my fav-OH-rite stores....for realz. HOWEVER, the Target at Atlantic Center Mall is truly an abomination...and you guys really need to do something about it.
They're asking people who agree with the sentiment to leave a comment in lieu of a signature. We can't promise that will make much of a difference, but you feel so moved, head on over.

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