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Collabs: Low-Key Launch for Shipley & Halmos and Gilded Age at Uniqlo

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After witnessing the lukewarm reception the last Uniqlo designer collaborations merited, we knew better than to line up early for this morning's Shipley & Halmos and Gilded Age launch. Sure enough, when we dropped by at ten after 10, the racks were still full of clothing. We spotted a few other interested parties picking through Shipley & Halmos' shiny polyester rompers and blousy zip-up tops (priced from about $40 to $60), but for the most part the pieces sat untouched.

Over on the men's side of the store, the Gilded Age clothing was attracting more attention with a few men stocking up on slightly rumpled khakis, blazers and shorts ($20 to $70). Maybe more people would have turned out if Uniqlo had, say, publicized the event. Next time?
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