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Above The Fray: Martin Margiela Sale is "Epic"

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Despite the rain, Racked readers seem to be out in full force shopping today. In addition to a report from the Twinkle sale, we've received a note about an "epic Maison Martin Margiela sale" taking place in Chelsea. From the Inbox:

Saw this on The Shophound, and don’t think that it was mentioned on the site. At 220 West 19th St (in the Diesel building), 11th floor, there is a massive MMM (and DSquared) sale. Men's and women's. Current season items at wholesale less 30%. Works out to be about 72% off. I got a pair of the current season men's perforated shoes—which are at Barneys right now for $725—for $203.
Every shoe in the current season is there – both men's and women's. Bags galore. Dresses galore. Suits galore. Basically, if it is at Barneys/the MMM Boutique, it is at this sale (all spring 09) and there is a lot of it in every size. I even saw leather jackets for men that wholesale were about a grand apiece, but take 30% off of that, so around $700 for a leather jacket which I just saw at Barneys for $2400. This was one of the best sales I have ever been to and well worth it. I am hoping that there are more discounts tomorrow. It is today and tomorrow 10-7.
Bold words. If anyone else stops by, do us a favor and send in some snaps of the merchandise.
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