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Ads on Wheels: The Oldies, But Goodies Truck

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Who is psyched for summer and all the crazy outdoor advertising that comes along with it? We are! Taking a hint from the success of the IKEA environment truck that terrorized the streets of New York last year, the bare-bones mobile showroom from Olde Good Things strutted its stuff on Fifth Avenue this weekend.

Basically, the people behind the Olde Good Things curiosity and antiques shop on West 24th Street gutted a truck, filled with a few eye-catching items like a lion statue and a giant, be-lightbulbed star, and parked it somewhere with great visibility. We passed by on Saturday when it was basking in the glow of the nearby Union Square Greenmarket while a representative dutifully passed out business cards.

Now if only they could get a few bikini babes like the Mexico tourism truck, they'd be up with the best of the terrarium truck advertisers.
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