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Met Gala Prep's Unglamorous Reveal

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Images via GlamChic

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The set-up is always the hardest part of the party, so we feel bad for the Met Costume Institute Gala workers whose unfinished progress was documented today by blog GlamChic. These photos might not be very impressive, but GlamChic swears that the decor is wondrous to behold: "We spotted thousands of white roses waiting to be arranged and cherry blossom trees cascading in the rotunda; aside from the traditional red carpet there is also yards of fierce zebra printed carpeting lining the entry path. A statuesque crème mannequin stands in the center presiding over the action." So you're saying it doesn't look like a Bar Mitzvah exploded in there? We eagerly await photos of the finished interior, and of what everyone ends up wearing.
· A Peek at the Met Costume Institute Gala Décor and Prep [GlamChic]