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Jersey Shore Store Wants You to Play in Their Sandbox

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There's nothing for sale at the Jersey Shore Store, which opened yesterday on Broadway and 11th Street—well nothing but the perfect summer beach vacation, of course! With this pop-up, Jersey tourism officials hope to expose Manhattanites to some of the joys the Jersey Shore offers. While Bon Jovi and Jimmy Buffett play over the speakers, interested parties can sample a regional confection known as "salt-water taffy"; "scheduled attractions include a master sand sculptor, a touch tank aquarium, professional poker and blackjack lessons, golf clinics, a popular shore DJ and a wide variety of presentations and performances by tourism representatives from destinations throughout New Jersey." Chug a few Natty Lites, spike up your hair and soak yourself in baby oil, brah, and this place will feel just like last summer at Ocean City.

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