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Lineblogging: H&M UES Readies the Red Carpet

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Photo via Twitpic/liladelilah

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H&M has rolled out a red carpet, set up velvet ropes, and has security in position for the opening of its newest store, H&M UES on 86th Street and Lexington Avenue. Only a few hardcore types are in line, but it won't be calm for long. H&M openings usually reach shitshow levels due to the freebies staffers hand out to line waiters—this time, the patient will get a gift card loaded with anywhere from $10 to $300, plus a free tee and an autographed photo of "American Boy" singer Estelle. That last one leads us to believe that this morning's line will consist mostly of kids cutting class. For those who can't wait to shop a fresh new H&M, the magic happens at noon.

[The earliest arrivals. Click to expand.]

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