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RackedWire: Skirt Suit Spotted; Good News from the News Sale; McCarren Park to be Overrun with Babies

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Thom Browne's skirt suit appears in Chelsea

SOHO—A tipster reports on the News sale at 485 Broadway: "As usual they had Cheap Monday jeans for $10-20, and a number of Cheap Monday jackets/dresses as well, but the real bargains were Boy by Band of Outsider button-downs for $75 and a rack of Lyell clothes! There were Lyell tanks and bell-bottom jeans for $15. Limited amounts of styles (2 or 3 dresses, 3-4 styles of tanks, 2-3 styles of long sleeves blouses, random angora sweaters), but didn't see anything more than $120. Great find if you're a Lyell fan and much better than waiting for Lyell's own sample sale. Didn't notice the selection for men's, but saw plenty of Cheap Mondays, and in boxes near the register were Band of Outsider skinny ties for $45 and bowties for $35." [Racked Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—This weekend, the Artists & Fleas outdoor market in McCarren Park dedicates itself to that discerning creature known as the hipster baby. Expect vendors like preppy clothing collection Charlie & Sarah, trendy t-shirt collection GnomeNYC, and plush monster collection Karen’s Monsters, plus a live performance by indie baby band The Deedledeedledees. [RackedWire]