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Above the Fray: Charlotte Ronson's Priced Just Right

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A few signature fabrics keep repeating themselves at the Charlotte Ronson sample sale currently taking place across the street from Bryant Park. There's a lovely acid-bright floral print that shows up in $30 tops and $90 one-shoulder dresses; a more subdued sheer pink floral that's $15 as a loose tank, $30 as a shirt, and $70 as a sundress; and a wintry brown hammered silk that's $30 for a loose top or tulip skirt and $50 for a dress. We also found tons of sailor stripes (as $30 tops and $50 dresses) and a sub-Topshop gray-on-gray rose-print denim that we suspect will still be plentiful when the sale ends on Friday.

Note the preponderance of $30 and $50 items—the prices at this sale range from $10 to $90, but the majority fell in that not-more-than-you'd-pay-at-Urban-Outfitters sweet spot. The same goes for the shoes, which ran from $15 for a random collection of flats and pumps to $50 for sexy pin-up style platform heels. While the prices are good, the selection isn't huge, and it seemed like half the merch had already disappeared into giant heaps in the communal dressing room by the time we left at 10:30. The number of shoppers only seemed to be growing, so if you want a piece of the action, go soon.
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