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Harlem's American Apparel Protested for Failing to Respect Malcolm X

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American Apparel remained scandal-free for an entire week after the Woody Allen lawsuit, so we were due for another controversy right about now. At stake this time: Malcolm X—specifically, his birthday, May 19th, when Harlem stores close for a few hours as a sort of retail moment of silence.

The Malcolm X New Millennium Committee says they hand-delivered a letter to American Apparel's Harlem shop telling them about the tradition and asking them to shut down. American Apparel says they never heard anything about the holiday. Either way, the shop stayed open, so this weekend about twenty people held a protest outside. According to the City Room, the protesters chanted "No disrespect. For Malcolm X" and handed out fliers about the Woody Allen lawsuit. It just has to come back to Woody, doesn't it?
· Should Harlem Stores Close for Malcolm X’s Birthday? [City Room]