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Fun Friday Rumormongering: MJ, Isabel Marant

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It's a lazy Friday before a three-day holiday weekend, and thus the perfect time to indulge in some fun rumormongering. In possession of additional details concerning these or any other rumors? Do set the record straight in the comments.

Photo via Professor Bop/Flickr

1). Months ago, news came out that Marc Jacobs was planning to open yet another Bleecker Street boutique. At the time, MJ suit Robert Duffy said it would be a 'new concept' for the designer. So we dug around a bit, and found out that MJ may be interested in the Miracle Grill space at no. 415—a rumor that was neither confirmed or denied. This week, a reliable tipster sent word that the king of Bleecker Street is indeed interested in the storefront. Are we looking at the very first Marc Jacobs burger shoppe? Stranger things have happened. [Previously]

2). Stateside fans of Isabel Marant's clothing have been having a hard time of it recently, as the designer has been asking boutiques to stop selling her clothing online. Good news: We recently heard that the whispers of a NYC Marant outpost will be coming true. Anyone know the where and when? [NBC Local]

Isabel Marant

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