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Online Shopping: Sunday Brunch's Product Descriptions Delight and Amuse Us

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Blogger Caroline McCarthy points us to the bastion of whimsy that is online dress shop Sunday Brunch. She's particularly charmed by this description of a little off-white Lorick number:

This dress reminds us of the beautiful peasant girl in the story who marries the Prince. Somehow, her dress is prettier and cleaner than the other villagers. There's something classic and alluring to her style that got the Prince's attention. It might be the romantic way the straps fall off the shoulders, or maybe the purposely rough texture of the cotton dress?"Hello Prince. Pick me because I'm witty, real and I'll rock your world."
The site, which launched in March, manages to maintain that exact girlish tone throughout, from the dress blurbs to the sizing chart (based on a virtual representation of owner Judy Kou's own body, which she has for some reason christened "Chuck") to the accompanying art gallery. Sure, it's twee, but ever since the Shoe Market stopped sending out newsletters there's been a big hilarious-product-description-shaped hole in our lives, and we think Sunday Brunch might just fill it.
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