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Above the Fray: Phillip Lim's a Little Pricey, But Still Hard to Resist

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Reports from the Phillip Lim sale in midtown are trickling in, and shoppers seem to agree that while the merchandise is great, the prices are a bit high. Writes the blog Suger Rock Catwalk, which also (bless their hearts) nabbed the photos of the price list above:

The cheapest item I saw was a tank top with embroidered soutache and rhinestones for $50. Dresses were mostly $200-300, but reaching $400 for a long evening gown. I only saw about 15 or so evening gowns on a lonely far rack. 2 tables were laden with soft fine gauge cashmere and merino wool sweaters for $125-200. There was a cute bubble hem skirt that you can see pictured below in a marblelized print for $125.
In our comments section, a lucky reader who went to the sale preview sums it up as "pricier than most sample sale fare, but the quality is fantastic and the clothing is so cute." As for the men's section, we hear it isn't huge, but it does have a promising assortment of tops—mostly coats and sweaters, plus one "strange-looking" $350 gold leather jacket.
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3.1 Phillip Lim

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