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Denim Laser-Etching Machine Debuts at Diesel 5th Ave

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Back in February when Diesel opened their flagship "planet" on Fifth Avenue, little did we know that in May it would become more like the Death Star thanks to its newest feature: lasers!

Not on the exterior, sadly, but very much inside as Diesel's flagship takes delivery of a denim laser-etching machine designed to personalize your pants. Simply choose your pair, head up to the laser lab on the 3rd floor by the fitting rooms, and for $10 they will burn your name or initials or whatever in your choice of font into your waistband (inside or outside).

The machine itself is pretty hardcore, looking like an Easy Bake Oven on steroids. We tagged along as a friend undertook this laser procedure, and watched the thing zap his jeans with initials. Since it's the only machine of this sort in the United States, we wondered if he is now among a few to have his butt be-lasered; that is, until the denim-loving masses get wind of this.

Sure it's vain, but just think of the possibilities. We can imagine marriage proposals inside of waistbands, people publicizing their Twitter accounts above their back pocket, and embarrassing nicknames forever captured in denim. Father's Day is coming up ... okay, we're kidding about your dad in Diesel.
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