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In the Window: Moschino's Wilting Salute to Dali

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Again taking full advantage of their large window display space right next to Apple on West 14th Street, Moschino welcome the International Contemporary Furniture Fair with a furniture tribute to artist Salvador Dali.

Named after his work "Soft Construction With Boiled Beans," the Moschino piece displays one of their ruffled dresses within a surrealist setting of furniture covered in cloth, so as to make it appear wilty and droopy.

Looking at the detail of the stitching on the desk makes us feel sorry for whoever was assigned to execute this, unless of course they enjoy painstakingly creating soft replicas of desks which will never be sold. That person, wherever they may be, is however something of an artist in their own right if we are to judge from the past displays at Moschino. See our archives below.
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