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On Target: Tracy Feith and Loomstate Representin'

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Just barely on the heels of their Loomstate collaboration, Target released yet another designer collection yesterday: a young, bright line from Tracy Feith.

Returning down our now well-beaten path to the Target Greatland in Jersey City, we found a scanty selection of Feith, all very much picked over and sadly lacking the leather jacket, maxi dress and hooded pullover dress?basically leaving the T-shirts and super Juniors-y separates to other Sunday shoppers.

It's obvious that with this collection, Target is trying to improve on their drop in quality which really hit with the Thakoon collection. Feith's dresses feature detailed zippers, softer fabrics and in the case of the strapless dress, even those sticky interior strips to help hold it in place.

Still, we would have loved to see this gigantic Target receive more of it; the best styles were down to their last one or two already and it was only early afternoon. Meanwhile, Loomstate's men's selection was looking healthy with lots of denim and an abundance of board shorts.

If you've still got that hot Feith leather jacket looked firmly in your crosshairs and are determined to seek it out in-store, we doubt that it'll appear anytime this week. Instead, there's plenty of Miss Trish of Capri wedge sandals and a few straggling Felix Rey handbags to pacify the collaboration seekers. Poor Target?don't they realize that people don't want espadrilles and beach totes for summer; they want leather jackets! We're being facetious, by the way.
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