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Crimes Against Shoppers

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Seems there was a bit of drama on the last day of the Elizabeth and James/LaROK sale. Two commenters accuse staffers of Savvy, the company that threw the sale, of increasing prices. One angry shopper: "Savvy and /the Elizabeth & James rep kept increasing prices as you approached checkout. 'Well we unpacked these boxes last night so this jacket isn't the jacket we meant- this should be 200 instead of 85.' Huh??? Sleazy behavior and the reason the E&j rep gave was laughable - the twins don't want their reps and brand names ruined by lowering prices. Yea well I don't think the Olsen twins have to worry about lowering their ridiculously overpriced prices as the reason their reps are sullied." Another, in all-caps "IF YOU WANT TO INCREASE PRICES JUST BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT -CHANGE THE PRICE LIST - NOT ONE PEOPLE ARE EXHAUSTED FROM WAITING ON YOUR STINKY LINES." [Racked Comments]