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Above the Fray: Second Release of M. Willy for H&M Not So Limited

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This morning's release of Brit designer Matthew Williamson's collection for H&M beat out the first debut back in April in a few ways; mainly it was rainier, less busy and there was simply more stock available.

Under the impression that the flagship at 5th Avenue and 54th Street would again be opening at 9am, we got frustrated with their mess of boxes and garment racks still littering the floor inside, and the rain didn't help any. At around 9:50, they did swing open the doors to a stampede of both men and women anxious for flowery prints and overpriced pieces.

That's right we said overpriced; no one touched The Dress, with its $349 pricetag, and the silk $199 dresses, which will probably be copied in jersey and sold in K-Mart, also sat mostly unruffled. What was ripped off the shelves were the sunglasses, the swimsuits and the $99 cropped khaki denim jacket with hot pink zippers.

Across the aisle in men's, anyone up early enough to ravage the place could have done so at their leisure; there was so much stock of everything including the detailed blazers, that no one rushed. If we had to pick the most desired items from men's, it would have to be the shoes (which reminded us of Michelle Obama's Lanvins) and any of the T-shirts; again with the popularity of the cheaper items.

If you're anxious for some M. Willy action of your own, don't worry about taking long lunch breaks or inventing odd excuses; this stuff will still be around this evening. We'll even bet that the men's leather jacket will survive until tomorrow, and that's saying a lot.
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