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Inside Soho's New J.Crew Men's Shop: Vintage Locks, Vintage Magazines, New Preppy Basics

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By the time we stopped by the new J.Crew Men's Store in Soho yesterday afternoon, it had been open for a good six hours, and people were walking in and out as if it had always been there. Unlike the location in Tribeca, which always seems populated exclusively by models right out of the catalog, the Soho shop drew a Soho crowd—locals, tourists, and a surprisingly high number of women for a men's store.

Employees aren't sure yet if the shop will have an official nickname like its big brother the Liquor Store, but they are selling "Local 484" t-shirts to celebrate their address, 484 Broadway. They've also got a selection of random but carefully selected Americana: Stephen Shore photo books, vintage locks, Esquire magazines from the 70s. (We like to imagine those came from deep within the vaults of the Universal News which used to occupy the space.) As for the separate suit section, it's smaller than we expected, but still a nice touch.
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