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Makeovers: Kate Spade Installs Hula Hoops in Flatiron

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A tipster reports a window display changeover in progress at the Kate Spade store in the Flatiron District. "The place was either getting robbed by girls in frilly clothes or they were doing a major overhaul. Lots of people buzzing around inside—contractors and the like. There was a big two-seater bike in one window and a guy holding hula hoops in another window. He didn't look too pleased." Kate Spade is definitely on a hula kick right now. If you go to their website, you'll be greeted by a video of two sixties-looking models having a hula hoop battle. (One brandishes a martini shaker; the other one-ups her by drinking an actual martini.) It's cute, but it also reminds us of nothing so much as the faux-Hawaiian number the sister does at the talent show in Dirty Dancing.
· Kate Spade [Official Site]