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A User's Guide to M. Willy for H&M, Round Two

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Images via Fabsugar

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Tomorrow morning, British designer Matthew Williamson's second psychedelic collection for H&M hits stores, and unlike round one, which only appeared at select locations, this set will be available in nearly every H&M in the country.

Also new this time: menswear. This is Williamson's first-ever attempt to dress dudes, but if all goes well, he'll add men's looks to his own collection, according to WWD. "The collection tells the story of an English gentleman who travels to Cuba for vacation and returns via the Greek islands," they report, which means it's punk-inflected, breezy, and very, very bright.

Because the clothes go on sale at 1,600 stores at once, and because H&M specifically wants them to be accessible throughout the season, we don't think you'll need to be quite as aggressive with previous collaborations. That said, the most-coveted stuff sold out in minutes last time, so take a look at Fabsugar's slideshow of the full collection, determine if there's anything you can't live without, and set your alarm accordingly—the Fifth Avenue flagship opens at 9am.
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